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REST API parameter notifyUrl
REST API parameter notifyUrl

Information on notifyUrl vs DLR (Delivery Receipts)

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Parameter notifyUrl is specific to REST API and is used to send updates of message statuses. It takes a URL as an input, and SMSGlobal posts back the message statuses to this URL.

This was designed for bulk SMS sending via REST API and returning status updates to customer servers, applications, etc.

Note: notifyUrl SMS status updates are separate to Delivery Receipts (DLRs).

As a prerequisite to use notifyUrl, you must also enable DLR postback in MXT settings. Simply switch on the toggle to enable.

SMSGlobal systems will check for notifyUrl during processing, and if used, we will send the DLR to notifyURL instead.

notifyURL will always take precedence if used and override MXT delivery receipt settings.

notifyUrl postback can be received in JSON and XML format also.

See below a list of parameters that are sent with each notifyUrl:




Message part identifier


Current status of the SMS message


The date in UTC when the message status was updated


Outgoing message identifier

Below are sample values received:

id              9856866448480992
outgoing_id 5231184863
status Delivered
update_time 2020-08-07T13%3A17%3A14%2B10%3A00

For further information, please view our REST API Documentation.

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