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Alphanumeric (Custom Word) Sender ID

What is an Alphanumeric (Custom Word) Sender ID?

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An Alphanumeric Sender ID allows you to set a custom word, such as the name of your brand or business, as the Sender ID when sending one-way messages.

When using an Alphanumeric Sender ID (Custom Word), you must ensure that:

  • Your Sender ID is no longer than 11 alphanumeric characters*

  • Only (a-z) and (0-9) characters are used

  • Any full stops or spaces are removed

* Some countries limit this character limit even further.

โ€‹Note: Some carriers will reject Alphanumeric or Numeric Sender IDs. Please try changing to either a number or a text Sender ID to see if the problem is resolved.

This feature is only available in supported countries and does not enable replies from recipients for two-way communication.

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