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Purchase/Order a Virtual Dedicated Number
Purchase/Order a Virtual Dedicated Number

How to purchase or order new a virtual dedicated number from MXT

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1. Click on ‘Virtual Numbers’ on the left-hand side of the MXT.

2. Under the 'Virtual Numbers' heading, click 'Request'.

3. Enter:

  • The country that you would like the virtual number for.

  • The type of number that you would like: Standard, Silver or Gold. Gold mobile numbers have significant numerical repetition to make them easier to remember. Silver numbers also have some numerical repetition, but Standard numbers do not.

    Note: Silver and Gold numbers are only available for some countries.

  • Once a virtual number is available, you will be prompted to select the number that you would like (the selection of numbers here will depend on the type of number that you selected) and to select the length of the contract that you would like: 1 month or 12 months.

Note: If there are currently no virtual numbers available for a particular country you will be shown a 'request form' to complete so our customer success team can provision the required numbers from the upstream carriers.

4. Click ‘Select’ to add the virtual number for purchase.

5. Scroll down to see a list of the dedicated numbers that you have added but not yet purchased. You can choose to delete these numbers or turn on or off Auto Renew.

Note: We recommend enabling Auto Renew to ensure you keep the mobile number after your contract has ended.

6. Double check that these are correct, if so, select whether you would like to pay with PayPal or Credit Card.

Once your Virtual Number is available on MXT, you can set it up and configure advanced features such as keyword responses, auto-replies, etc.

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