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How to send an MMS in MXT
How to send an MMS in MXT

Steps on how to to send an MMS in MXT

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Firstly, choose how you would like to send your MMS:

1. Send to contacts, groups, or mobile numbers without the Merge Field feature.

2. Merge Send to pre-existing contacts or groups with the Merge Field feature.

3. Upload Send to upload a contact file and send to the contacts on that spreadsheet.

For this example, we will use the 'Send' option.

1. Click 'Send Messages' on the left-hand menu of MXT, then select 'Send'.

2. Set 'Send this message as' to 'MMS'.

3. Under the 'From' heading, select your Sender ID.

4. Under the 'To' heading, enter the contacts, groups or mobile numbers you would like to send your message to.

5. Enter the 'subject' for your MMS message.

6. Enter the content of your message in the text box under 'Message'. You can view the total number of recipients and estimated cost of sending next to the 'Send Message' button.

7. If you wish to save this message as a template for future use, click 'Save As Template'.

8. Click on the 'Upload' icon and find the file you would like to send.

9. If you are happy with the message preview on the top right-hand side of MXT, click 'Send Message' to send.

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