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Information on SMSGlobal Voice solution, capabilities and how to activate voice services

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SMSGlobal currently offers the below voice services. We have many more exciting Voice services coming very soon, don't forget to register your interest here to keep up to date on our latest Voice innovation.

Note: Voice Services are currently only supported in Australia.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding means your Virtual Dedicated Numbers will now be Voice-Enabled.

You can set call forwarding on your SMSGlobal Virtual Dedicated Number. This means that recipients can directly call the Virtual Dedicated Number that they receive SMS from, and the call will be forwarded to a configured phone number. This can be any local landline or mobile number.

Call Bridging

Call Bridging allows you to call your customers from your Virtual Dedicated Numbers.

Two parties will be bridged into a call, so you can speak with your contacts from your own phone.

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